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Notice for bicycle renting of Xincun Station of Xiqiao Green Path

  • 1、Rate: ¥4/hour, ¥10/half day, ¥15/day
  • 2、Only eligible for renting a bicycle by exhibiting resident identity certificate, student card, army certificate or other valid credentials.
  • 3、Bond: ¥200/bicycle, ¥500/bicycle without valid credential (purchase price of bicycle)
  • 4、Working hours: 9am - 6pm
  • 5、After getting the bicycle, each rider must try out first in the station. Please check vehicle braking device and pressure of tyres, make sure it is suitable and there are no safety threats or other problems before entering the Green Path. The station is not responsible for any accidents happen after you leave the station.
  • 6、Each rider should obey the regulations in riding. If travel with children, please take care of them. If traffic accidents, safety accidents or unexpected accidents happen because of you not doing this, the station is not accountable.
  • 7、Riders should take care of vehicles, do not deliberately damage them. If the bicycle is damaged or lost, riders must pay the compensation based on the price of the bicycle.
  • 8、Riders must return the bicycle on that day to the station. If riders don't return the bicycle within the scheduled time, the station is eligible to take the bond and report to the police to get it back.
  • 9、The stage will report any cheating and theft of bicycles to the police authority and investigate the relevant liabilities.