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Yunwu Tea

Yunwu Tea, also called as Kuding Cha, is one of the local products of Xiqiao Mountain. The tea trees can be more than ten feet in height with thick leaves and big sprouts. The sprouts are jet black and shining, which can be used to make tea. Once you pour hot water on the sprouts, the color will be lighter and the taste is bitter with delicate fragrance. In spite of the immediate bitterness for the first try, the aftertaste is very refreshing. The ones picked before sunrise and among the cloud and mist are rated as the top, therefore, it is called Yunwu (cloud and mist) Tea. It will be even better if the clear spring water from the mountain is used to make tea.

The history of planting tea trees in Xiqiao Mountain area originates from more than one thousand years ago. Yunwu Tea used to be an article of tribute and enjoy the reputation. The Tourism Department of Xiqiao introduces Gift Set of Xiqiao Mountain Yunwu Tea in either boxes or bags. As a special product of Xiqiao Mountain which has unique flavor, Yunwu Tea wins tourists' favor and is purchased by many visitors.