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Xiqiao Dabing

Xiqiao Dabing dates from the period of Hongzhi reign in Ming Dynasty, with a history of more than 300 years. Being well-known far and wide, Xiqiao Dabing is listed as one of the famous food in Guangdong. It is round shaped, with a diameter up to 20 cm. The heaviest one can be 1 kg. The color is white with yellow. The ingredients include flour, white sugar, lard and eggs mixed by the spring water of Xiqiao Mountain, making Dabing taste sweet and refreshing. The shape of Dabing looks like a full moon which represents perfect conjugal bliss, therefore it is commonly sent as a gift at the wedding party or happy occasions in Xiqiao area.

With the development of multi-economy and the diversification of people's taste, it is required that products of Xiqiao Dabing need to be changed accordingly. These years, a new variety of Xiqiao Dabing has been put into the market: souffle style Xiqiao Dabing. Compared with the traditional version, this variety is softer and tastier. It feels like it will melt in your mouth.

Speaking of Xiqiao Dabing, there is an allusion. During the period of Hongzhi reign in Ming Dynasty, Ministry of Personnel Fang Xianfu got up in the early morning on day. However, the servant didn't serve the breakfast for a long time. He went to the kitchen and found that the chef was late and had no enough time to make the meal. There is only dough after fermentation on the table. An idea occurred to Fang's mind. He asked the chef to add eggs and sugar in the dough and knead it into a large flatbread before putting it in the oven. Fang took the cooked flatbread and hurried to the office. His colleagues were attracted by the good smell and watering when Fang was eating the flatbread with tea. Some of them asked Fang the name of the flatbread, and Fang who loved his hometown so much told them without thinking, "It's Xiqiao Dabing". The next day, Fang let the chef to copy the method and make many Dabing to share with his colleagues. It is highly evaluated and the reputation of Xiqiao Dabing spread since. Therefore, Fang Xianfu let the chef to make them often and treat his family and guests. After Fang pleaded illness and went back to his hometown, he taught local people how to make Dabing when he was lecturing at Shiquan Academy that he established at Xiqiao Mountain. The local spring water makes the receipt even better.