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Xiqiao Mountain Eco-sightseeing Vehicles

Xiqiao Mountain sightseeing vehicles are generally driven by liquefied natural gas (LNG) so they are eco-efficient. Also, gasoline is used when running on a slope with heavy load in order to adapt to the road condition of Xiqiao Mountain where continuous sloping areas appear. The vehicles have open design with relatively small wheels and lower center of gravity. Their speed is slower, generally 20-30 kilometers per hour. The vehicle is able to comfortably contain seventeen passengers. It enables people not only to safely arrive at each major scenic spot, but also to appreciate and enjoy the ecological scenery along the journey including "serene mountain, green forest, pure air and beautiful views".

Route of Sightseeing Vehicle

Xiqiao Mountain Eco-Sightseeing Vehicle will try out the new route as following from 6th June.

Line A: Return between Ticket Office of Mountain-Climb and Baofeng Temple Landscape Deck

Line B: Baofeng Temple Landscape Deck → Yiyouting sightseeing sation →entrance of Fauna and Flora Park → Biyun crossroad → Green Rock → Baofeng Temple Landscape Deck

Line C: Baofeng Temple Landscape Deck → Green Rock → Biyun crossroad → entrance of Fauna and Flora Park → Ticket Office of Peach Blossom Garden → Sifangzhu Parking Area → Ticket Office of Peach Blossom Garden → Yiyouting sightseeing sation → Ticket Office of Tianhu Scenery → Baofeng Temple Landscape Deck

Line D: Return between Parking Area of Shiyan Rock and Biyun crossroad

Please check the route before taking the line and cooperate with us in eco-tourism.

Operating time of sightseeing vehicles

1. One car every ten minutes. The first one is at 8:30 and the last one is at 17:30.

2. Please travel with a valid ticket which enables you to get on or get off the car at the appointed point on that very day.

3. Please don't get on or get off at sites that are not appointed.