>Dunhuang Tea Art Hall

Dunhuang Tea Art Hall

The restaurant is the first restaurant that features '"Cha" (tea) in Nanhai region. It is designed in a graceful and traditional manner, equipped with mahogany furniture of Tang Dynasty style. It also exhibits many works of art of painters who have remarkable skills. The restaurant is a unit in the food and beverage industry that integrates tea culture, food culture and culture of arts. Tea food, tea refreshments and tea dishes are cooked with tea as the main material or decorated with tea. Making tea as part of the ingredients of refreshments can not only keep the original flavor of materials but also highlight the characteristics of tea. Also, tea can be cooked into main dishes by various ways, so the fragrance of tea can be reserved.

Dunhuang Tea Art Hall is located at Shop 8. Shunfeng Building, Longquan Road, Xiqiao Mountain.

Ordering number: 86895293