>Shanyingge Tea Art Hall

Shanyingge Tea Art Hall

The food in Xiqiao Mountain area is genuine Cantonese cuisine, the materials of which are widely ranging. The wild vegetables, sweet potato leaf, straw mushroom and fruits they use are all rare. These food grew mature with all the quintessence of the nature, definitely creating good memories that you would never forget.

Shanyingge Tea Art Hall is located at the climb path, at the foot of Xiqiao Mountain, specializing in tea art, Chinese food, tea and breakfast. Many tourists will rest and have a cup of tea here after climbing Xiqiao Mountain. This restaurant is famous for its typical Xiqiao cuisine. Among them, the dish "Sang Ji Yu Tang" even won the name of "ten famous dishes of Xiqiao" in the first Gourmet Carnival of Xiqiao.