>Osmanthus Flower Wine

Osmanthus Flower Wine

Village people in Xiqiao Mountain ferment osmanthus flower wine from generation to generation. Every autumn, the flowers are in full bloom with dark red color and fragrance sending out miles away. People pluck the flowers soon after sunrise when the dew haven't dried yet, air-drying in a cool place for one day and night and steaming by the spring water. Seven days later, the osmanthus flowers and brown sugar, with the ratio of 50:3, are put into rice wine with more than 35% of alcohol. The container is sealed and left aside for one year. This is the standard procedure among local people. The color is clear golden yellow, with a little of red color. The osmanthus flower wine tastes savory and mellow and is effective in dispelling cold, reducing phlegm and stoping coughing. It is a famous wine of Xiqiao Mountain.