Chayote is also called Closed Palm Melon, belonging to gourd family Cucurbitaceae. It is a herbaceous plant with a two-year life cycle, which was originally native to Mexico and introduced to China in the 19th century. The natural environment and climate of Xiqiao Mountain is very suitable for the growth of chayote, so it is widely planted by local people and gradually became a special product of Xiqiao Mountain. Chayote is cone shaped with coarse wrinkles on the surface, just like Buddha's hands. It is virid and tastes fresh and sweet. There is only one seed inside the fruit, but it cannot grow alone. Therefore, it has to be planted with the whole melon, and that is why there is a saying among locals that "plant melons and get melons". As one of vegetables and melons, chayote is full of nutrition, so long-term consumption can improve people's ability to resist to disease.