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Jindian Plaza

Jindian Plaza is located at Xiqiao Town of Nanhai District in Foshan City. Xiqiao is a central town and key area of tourism of Nanhai District, which is named after Xiqiao Mountain, one of the Four Famous Mountains of Guangdong. Xiqiao Mountain is a National AAAAA-level Tourism Area, National Scenic area and National Forest Park. It is famous for the great landscape and odd rocks and caves. Therefore, it is a tourist attraction, annually hosting more than 3.5 million person-time of tourists who are attracted by its fame.

Jindian Plaza is the only flagship commercial shopping plaza in Xiqiao at the moment. Its location is geographically unique. With the geographic advantage of the old urban area of Xiqiao Town, Jindian Plaza is located at the busiest section of East Jiangpu Road Business Street and in the front of the entrance of mountain climb path, adjacent to Xiqiao Bus Station. Therefore, the transportation is very convenient.

The plaza has a construction area of 40,000 m2, commercial area of 25,000 m2 , equipped with an underground park of 8,000 m2. The internal layout is organized and the hardware facilities are quality. Since its open on January 1, 2006, many merchants have settled-in. Some famous brands include McDonald, Nike, Adidas, Septwolves, Seven (qipai), Converse, Gialen, Jordan, Rongdeng Department, Generali China Life Insurance, Sau San Tong of HongKong and Elizabeth Beauty Center.