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Agile Metropolis Plaza

Agile Metropolis Plaza is located at the center of Xiqiao Town, a hub of communications at the north of Guanshan urban area. According to the city planning of Xiqiao Town, Xiqiao is going to create an administration and cultural tourism service center at the old Guanshan urban area (south Guanshan) as well as a business center based on the Textile City and Agile Metropolis Plaza at the north. They will be the key parts of the future development plan of Guanshan urban area.

Agile Metropolis Plaza is the first complex real estate project of Xiqiao. It is developed by two stages. The first one is a four-story shopping center with a construction area of 60,000 m2, which is the biggest business square in Xiqiao Town at the moment. The second stage includes four 32-story residential buildings, a four-star vacation hotel with Cantonese style and a business walking street connected with the shopping center of the first stage. Two stages together form the regional complex shopping center. Agile Metropolis Plaza takes a lead in introducing the development and operation of the idea "Lifestyle Center", which contains shopping, food, entertainment, recreation, tourism, culture, sightseeing and residence functions. It aims at presenting itself as a business landmark of south-west Xiqiao or even of Foshan City.

The plaza has already introduced Renrenle Supermarket (7,000 m2), Meile Electronics (6,000 m2), Chongshang Department (13,000 m2) and Yu'erwan Food Court (4,000 m2). Also, Sunday K_Live KTV-the renowned entertainment brand of Foshan, Dadi Digital Cinema, Jinhua Game Center, Ruxuan Casserole Congee and Huikang Jewelry have joined in too. The merchant settlement rate reached 90% before the plaza was officially open to public in November 2011.