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Stone ScreenWall

  • Shiyan Rockis located at the south-east of Xiqiao Mountain. It had been a quarry since early Ming Dynasty where many skilled craftsmen mined for rocks. Shiyan Rock scenic area includes Jingliang Pavilion, Tianchuang Lattice, Stone Screen, Shiyan Rock, Stone Ancestral Hall, Yunyan Ancient Temple, Yunyan Dashing Waterfall and Donggu Stone.
  • Stone Screen is under Tianchuang Lattice and the entrance of Shiyan Rock. It is more than 10 meters in length, 20 meters in height and only 1 meter in width. It looks like a sword coming out of the scabbard from its front while it looks like a screen lying under the cloud from sideways. It was used as a boundary mark by quarriers and now has become a splendor scenery. The name "Shiyan" (stone swallow) was given because it is the roost of stone swallows. The entrance of the cave is narrow as man's lips, the interior, however, is very wide and can hold hundreds of people. The Rock is separated into two parts by nature. The outer part is a few feet high and the wall is wet with dew. People can feel the chill even in hot summer. The inner part became a pool by storing the water. The blue water is so clear that you can see to the bottom. Tourists can visit by the yacht provided in the scenic area. There are two huge rocks in the water. One stands out of the water and is called "car under water". Another one is immersed in the water and is called "memorial archway with seven colors". Their shapes are so true to their names that astonishes visitors. The water channels in the cave are very deep, many of which haven't been verified yet. The most marvelous thing is that a white fog will descend inside the cave after sudden downpour outside, making the cave deeper and more mysterious.