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Peach Garden

  • The Peach Garden of Xiqiao Mountain is the biggest garden of ornamental peach blossom in the Pearl River Delta. It covers an area of more than 400 mu, keeping over 4000 peach trees with almost 100 species. Many of the species are famous and precious. When the peach blossoms are in full bloom, the mountain is covered with the red color, absolutely stunning.
  • The trees are planted along the terrain of the mountain, with only one species on each hillside. The red flowers are glorious as red clouds and the white ones are glittering as snow. The most precious species is one kind of white peach blossom called Qing-Zhi-Mi-Lun. There are only ten of them, which are sparkling, pure and graceful with exquisite fragrance. It is truly regarded as celestial of peach blossom.
  • There is a village on the mountain called YunluVillage, with a little-known tomb - Cemetery of Li Zichang. Li Zichang was a student of Ming scholar Chen Xianzhang. Li dwelled in the village in seclusion but he was respected by locals because he was honestand good at painting and calligraphy as well. It is claimed that the fish he drew could swim, the flowers could send out fragrance, the moon, giving out light, the cat, able to catch mice, the hen would lay eggs and the beauty, sending speechless messages with her eyes. All the stories rest people's respect and affection to this folk painter.