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Nine Dragons Cave

  • Located at the central south of Xiqiao Mountain, Nine Dragons Rock is the best representative of the natural beauty of Xiqiao Mountain. Stepping up along the walking path, you will be attracted and impressed by the aged and odd shaped vines and trees everywhere. The major scenic spots in this area are Zigu Well, Nine Dragons Rock, Zhanzi Lecturing Rock and Zhuhu Deck.
  • Nine Dragons Rock sits in the valley beside Longzhua Peak. With uneven surface, the eastern wall has giant rocks forming nine holes that link to each other. It is dark inside the holes and people can get into them. It is very exciting and interesting to explore them, making you feel like moving within conch shell. At the end, you can come out of the hole on the top, called Tongtian Cliff. It is circulated among locals that "you can live until 99 years old if you can pass through from the holes of Nine Dragons Rock".The colorful wild flowers, dense forest and gurgling spring make the stunning beauty of the valley.
  • Zhanzi Cave is beneath Nine Dragons Rock. The cliffs of two are adjacent to each other, forming a tricky space just like a natural door. There is Liubei Pond at the bottom with gurgling spring, gentle breeze and wild flowers with pleasant smell. Going further, you will see Seven Stars Rock followed by Xikeng at the west of Spider Peak.
  • Zhanzi Lecturing Rock is beside Nine Dragons Rock. It is not very deep and able to hold about ten people. It is the place where Zhanzi used to give lectures.