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Huang Fei-hong Lion Dance and Martial ArtsAcademy

  • Huang Fei-hong Lion Dance and Martial Arts Academy is situated at Luzhou Village, the north-west of Xiqiao Mountain. The site used to be the ancestral hall of the Huangs, which is near the former home of Huang Fei-hong. The building has an area of 5.23 mu, with a construction area of 1006 m2. The construction of the academy was planned in 1996 and finished on August 15, 1998. Crowned by a roof with upswept eaves, the architecture is square, with the main hall right facing the gate, making it magnificent and simple at the same time. A status of Huang Fei-hong stands in the middle of the hall, with Baicao Tang and Bao Zhi Lin on the right and left side respectively. The right-hand side of interior yard is Guan Dexing Memorial Hall and the left-hand side has Exhibition Hall of Huang Fei-hong's History. Master Acknowledgment Platform of Huang Fei-hong is at the right front of the yard. In the center of the yard, there is a performance area for lion dance and martial arts.
  • Huang Fei-hong (1847-1924), is a master of martial arts and lion dance, excellent both in morals and skills and famous in overseas.Both his grandfather Huang Tai and his father Huang Qiying were top martial artists. He himself started practicing martial arts from five years old and at thirteen, he left home together with his father, earned a living by selling medicine when he met Lin Fucheng, the top of "Ten Tigers of Guangdong" and became Lin's student, learning his martial arts and medical skills. When Huang was sixteen, he began to teach others at Leshan Shanfang in Guangdong. Soon, he had a great number of students and his reputation spread.
  • His unique skills include Wuying Jiao (Shadowless Kick), Tiexian Quan (Iron Wire Fist), Fuhu Quan (Tiger Subducing Fist), Jinxian Biao (Golden Wire Dart), Zimu Dao (Monther and Son Knife), Sixiang Biao (Four Elephants Dart) and Long Gun (Dradon Cudgel) . It is said that when he applied these skills, eighteen strong men could not even go closed to him at all. Huang Fei-hong was also a master of south lion dance - Awake Lion. He was good at techniques like Feituo Cai Gaoqing, Zhuti Qing and Xieqing. Besides, he was famous for his medical skills and ethics. He established a pharmacy called Bao Zhi Lin, which sold Wufu Dali Pill specialized in curing injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and stains. In his whole life, he had a strong sense of justice and ready to help the weak. He devoted himself to eliminate the bullies and bring comfort to the normal people. Huang was so respected by people that there are many stories of his life and more than 100 movies or tv series derived from legends of him. Among them, more than seventy were performed by a famous Hongkong actor Guan Dexing, who significantly contributed to the dissemination of Huang's spirits and achievements. Therefore, Guan Dexing Memorial Hall is built in the academy to introduce his acting career and exhibit some precious stage props of his Huang Fei-hong movies.
  • With the development of the tourism, the performance, teaching activities and contests of Lion Dance and Martial Arts Academy are also becoming more popular. Now Huang Fei-hong Lion Dance and Martial Arts Academy has already been a famous brand of Nanhai tourism. Moreover, the performance of Awake Lion and south Kongfu become a scenic factor of tourism in Xiqiao. There are four showings of martial arts and lion dancing in the academy, namely 9:30, 10:30, 14:30 and 15:30. Also, in every Labor Day and National Day, the Tourism Department of Xiqiao will hold "National South and North Lion Dance Challenge Cup" and "Lion Dance Challenge Cup of the Chinese in the World ". It can be said that lion dance performance is one of the highlights of tourism in Xiqiao.