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Green Valley

  • Green Rock is located at the middle of Xiqiao Mountain, which is a funnelform valley with narrow upper-side and wide down-side. The Qing painters Li Jian and He Danshan used to live here and create their work. Their room of painting and calligraphy and study used to be on the stone wall. Therefore, Green Rock is honored as the origin of Lingnan painting style. The major scenic spots include Wuye Well, Green Rock, Moya Stone Inscription, Calabash Well, Xieyan Spring, site of Li Erqiao Study, Biyun Village and Osmanthus Flower Garden.
  • At the west of Biyun Peak, there is a funnelform valley, long and narrow, surrounded by cliffs and covered by green. The entrance is called "Han Men" with a width of about 20 meters. The valley is about 80 meters in length, which is gradually becoming narrower. Behind "Han Men", there are Guyu Valley, Half Moon Spring, Linxun Cliff, Hundred Flowers Deck and Longxu Waterfall. The dashing waterfall merges into a pool at the bottom of the valley. There are two springs above the pool, one is "hard" and another is "soft". The hard one sprays the water while the soft gurgles, therefore they are called Yin Yang Water. Beside the pool, a rocky mountain path stretches to the Water Listening Tower. The Calabash Well is right by the tower, receiving and storing the spring water from the rocks. At one side of the cliff, there is a plank road adjacent to the Linglong Path which runs zigzag up to Biyun Village.
  • Two stone houses can be seen in the valley. Two Qing painters Li Jian and He Danshan used to live there and produce work of art. Li Jian wrote "Natural Painting" on the cliff rocks nearby and He Danshan wrote a four-line poem with seven characters to a line on the wall. There are many inscriptions on precipices from Qing Dynasty as well. On the left cliff, many species of plants and flowers contend in beauty and fascination, such as Mountain begonia, Begonia fimbristipula Hance, Selaginella uncinata and Selaginella Doederleinii, forming an idyllic scenery along with the music made by the spring.