> The Culture Center of Nanhai Guanyin

The Culture Center of Nanhai Guanyin

  • The Culture Center of Nanhai Guanyin is located at the Daxian Peak of Xiqiao Mountain, with an altitude of 290 meters and an area of 200,000 m2. The scenic area is composed of memorial archways, walls with carved murals and statuses of Buddha. The area is surrounded by Shuangma Peak and Ma'an Peak, backed by the highest peak of Xiqiao - Daxian Peak. Looking down from Daxin Peak, you will find that the area is completely meet the criteria of a best propitious point:"Azure Dragon winding on the left, White Tiger taming on the right, Black Tortoise bowing at the back and Vermilion Bird hovering in the front".
  • The whole scenic area is pyramid shaped. The highest Guanyin status in the world - Nanhai Guanyin Status sits at the top with a height of 61.9 meters, representing that the enlightenment of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Guanyin) was on June 19. The Buddha is in sitting posture, with a coronet mounted with pearls and glory shining around the neck.
  • She has shaped eyebrows, rosy lips and clear eyes just like stars in the sky. She drapes a heavenly robe, wearing pearl and jade necklace and a skirt of thin silk. Sitting on the lotus pedestal with a benevolent countenance, the Buddha is looking at everyone in the world, helping the needy and relieving the distressed. The lotus pedestal has a diameter of 36 meters, mounted with 66 lotus petals divided into three tiers. The interior of the giant status is actually a five-storey hall, exhibiting numerous art work of Guanyin culture and Gongde Lin (Bodhicitta). The lotus pedestal is surrounded by water, with four bridges crossing above, which illustrates that pure land and limpid water are everywhere within Buddhahood.
  • According to the folklore, after every Beginning of Spring, there would be a "Chun Huang" when many families don't have enough rice and money for survival. It is said that in some year people reaped nothing at harvest time, so people stopped cocking anything after the new year. Just when people were starving, a beautiful lady came to Xiqiao Mountain, who sent out rice and money from bags. People felt strange that her bags were not so big, however, she was able to keep taking money and rice out of them. It had been dark when she offered help to everybody and then she said goodbye to local people and flew towards the sky. At that time, the sky was full of rosy clouds and bright and the lady turned into a Bodhisattva with loving smile. People realized that she was actually Guanyin Bodhisattva and thanked her one after another. Since then, people in Xiqiao worship Guanyin Bodhisattva at every Guanyin Treasury Opening Day, praying for good weather for the next harvest season, prosperous country, peaceful life and ample food and clothing.