> Tianhu Lake

Tianhu Lake

  • Tianhu is a vent lake at the north-west of Xiqiao Mountain, surrounded by green mountains on three sides. Clean water, clean and tidy road around the lack and the plants and buildings nearby make it a good place to sail off in a boat and enjoy the time on the lake.
  • Going up via the path from Baiyun Cave, you can have a wider view and more interesting experience. During the walk, pine and cypress point the direction and plants and flowers accompany you. Sometimes you will see birds singing above your head and sometimes you will hear wind blowing through the forest. Standing at the Guanpu Pavillion at the middle of the mountain, you can have a clear view of the two pavilions standing on the uneven cliff. Leaning by the balustrade, you can watch the waterfall dashing down to the bottom of the mountain with the drops of water splashing in the air. This is the medium part of Dashing Torrent Waterfall, also known as Yunwai Waterfall. Overlooking from the pavilion, you can see Baiyun Cave and its surroundings: towering trees of ages, curling vines on the ground, building with black tiles and grey wall and taller than the conglomeration of flowers and trees as well as the green field. What a scenery of a fertile region!
  • At the north of the lake, there is Shuiyue Veranda which looks like flowing on the water. It has upturned eaves and equipped with small boats. The east and west side of the riverbank respectively are dotted with many architectures full of ethnic characteristics, such as Baolong Pavillion, Longzhu Pavillion, Yitian Pavillion, Banyun Pavillion, Daiyu Pavillion and Yuanyang Pavillion. The Bridge with Nine Turns passes through the east surface of the lake, similar to a dragon sleeping on the water or a string of a musical instrument lying on a green plate.