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Lion Dance

Time:2016-01-25     Source:Xiqiao Mountain Travel Website

  • lion dance is a comprehensive art performance as well as a public activity, which is popular everywhere in the district. There will be lion dance or parade when festivals, opening of business, unveiling ceremony of a project and victory meeting occur. lion dance combines sports, music and dancing. The music is played by big gong, drum and cymbals with certain rhythms demonstrating the activeness, mighty, strength or sleeping status of lion. The head of lion is made into unique style, usually by exaggerating the features so that it can be colorful and eye-catching. The head can be in different shapes including round, long, flat and rhombus, which represent Face of Zhangfei, Face of Guangong, Face of Tiger, Face with Five Colors and Face with Two Flowers respectively. The color generally can be black, red and yellow(also known as golden color), representing Zhangfei, Guangong and Liubei respectively. Golden lion is commonly known as Tai Lion(a kind of lion with Northern Style in the lion dance, referring to the lion performed by two persons in one lion clothes to show the adult lion majestic), generally used for guest-welcoming or a grand etiquette. There will be an "Eye Dotting Ceremony" conducted by protagonist who uses the writing brush soaked with the mix of cock blood and cinnabar water to dot on lion's eyes, ears, forehead and nose before lion dance and kowtow.