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Flower Appreciation Meeting

Time:2016-01-25     Source:Xiqiao Mountain Travel Website

  • There are four kinds of flowers that you can only find on Xiqiao Mountain: Randia Spinosa, Jinying (rosella), Baihe (white crane) and Fendie (pink butterfly). People living in the mountain area have been fond of flowers and had the customs of planting, appreciating and evaluating flowers since Ming Dynasty. Zhan Ganquan, a Ming ministry, used to build a stage with various flowers when he gave speeches on the mountain. Also, the pavilion for flower appreciation "Yong Cui Ping Hua" has been one out of twenty-four sceneries in the Baiyun Cave. Appreciating flowers in every March had become one of the major activities of local people. Evaluation of flowers paid special attention to the unique species. In the activity, people showed their work after cultivation and a flower "Zhuangyuan" (first place) would be chosen. At the same time, refined scholars wrote poems and drew pictures on site for entertainment.
  • You can see the world from one flower and seasons from one leaf. Unfortunately, because of the changing world and warfares, the flower appreciation meeting was declining. With the government policy of reformation and opening up, the local tourism authority resume this traditional activity to honor floras and joy people. The flowers are sentient beings and the people are striving for progress. It is believed that Xiqiao Mountain Flower Evaluation Fair will be performed better and better.