> Mountain Climb in the Double Ninth Festival

Mountain Climb in the Double Ninth Festival

Time:2016-01-25     Source:Xiqiao Mountain Travel Website

  • The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is the day when people eat double-ninth cakes, drink chrysanthemum wine and climb mountains to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster. According to the yin/yang dichotomy of China, the number nine is regarded as yang. Therefore, the day is called Chongyang Festival(repeated Yang) and also known as Chongjiu Festival (repeated nine). Tang poet Dufu said in his Ninth Day, "drinking alone at Chongyang, I climbed the platform on the river in spite of illness". On that day, people have the customs of ascending a height and drink chrysanthemum wine, and women will wear Zhuyu bag.
  • Xiqiao Mountain is a famous mountain in Lingnan region, featuring pleasant sceneries. It is located at the south west of the Pearl River Delta, surrounded by villages and polders, which offers convenient transportation and makes it the best place ever to climb during Chongyang Festival. Hoping to avoid bad luck and turn it into their favor, the natives from all all directions come here one day before the festival, gathering and sitting on the ground over the night until the next day. The mountain will be brightly lit and full of visitors. To meet the needs of demand, competition of business is also fierce at the foot of the mountain. You can find all kinds of retailers selling everything, such as articles of everyday use, mingqiang or mascot, toys and food in season. Some will buy huge incense or pinwheel home after climbing in the hope of turning bad luck into good ones. Some will, by this opportunity, sacrifice and renovate their ancestral graves or move ancestor's tombs. Also, some people choose to fly a kite in the invigorating autumn so that they will have good luck in the future. After the reforming and opening up, the government set Chongyang Festival as "Seniors' Day".