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Tai Sin Birthday

Time:2016-01-25     Source:Xiqiao Mountain Travel Website

  • Tai Sin, known as Lǘ Zu or Lǘ Dongbing, is honored as the originator of Quanzhen Taoism by Taoists. April 14th in lunar calendar is the birthday of Lǘ Zu, also called Tai Sin Birthday. There are many believers of the Deity Temple in the Pearl River Delta, so it has branches in Hongkong and Guangzhou. From one day before of the birthday to one day after, thousands of people will come to Xiqiao for worship. People have to jostle one another in the crowd both in and out of Baiyun Cave. There are many retailer booths, mixed up with visionaries, forming a line of hundreds of meters. After piously worship, worshipers will purchase pinwheel representing "turning bad luck into good ones" or buy cypress to increase the vitality at home. You will also see performers on the street, providing joy atmosphere. The Tai Sin Birthday illustrates the typical custom and traditional cultural psychology of Xiqiao region.