1951 Augest

Tianhu project of Xiqiao Mountain was completed. It is the first water storage project of Nanhai County after the foundation of New China.

1952 12.12

Qiaobei Dawei Levee and its major project Guanshan Floodgate started constructionat the same time.

1953 October

Guanshan Supply and Marketing Cooperative was established.

1956 June

Xiqiao No.1 Silk Mill Cooperative is established at Minle, which developed into No.2 Silk Mill and No.3 Silk Mill later.

1957 June

Located at Taiping, the provincial State-owned enterprise, Nanhai Sugar Mill of Guangdong was completed. On December 24, the unveiling ceremony and victory meeting were held. In the same year, Guanshan Electric Drainage Station started construction and the first 35 kv substation within the county was completed.

1958 01.09

Xiqiao Agroforestry Demonstration Field was established.

1958 October

The teachers and students from the Geography Department of Zhongshan University found the site of ancient stone factory in Xiqiao Mountain.


Dong Biwu, vice president of China and Guo Moruo, vice-chairmen of the NPC Standing Committee and president of Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected Xiqiao Mountain.

1967 03.15

The local state-owned Nanhai Silk Factory was put into operation in Xiqiao.

1970 November

Crossing above Guanshangyong, Guanshan Bridge (initially called Xiqiao Bridge) was completed and opened to traffic. It is the first local highway bridge in Nanhai County that built by a cooperative.

1978 07.18

The People’s government of Guangdong Province re-assessed and listed "site of Xiqiao Mountain" as provincial key relics protection unit.

1979 September

The winding mountain highway of Xiqiao Mountain Farm started construction.

1980 09.16

Committee for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments (CPAM) of Guangdong acknowledged Xiqiao Mountain as provincial relic protection unit, including ancient architectures, ancient graves, ancient sites and inscriptions on precipices.

1984 06.01

Joint conference was held in Xiqiao Mountain, where the development issue of Xiqiao Mountain scenic area was discussed. The Summary pointed out that" to build Xiqiao into a scenic area with the characteristics of southern China, we need centralized leadership, unified planning, zoning construction and zoning management. We also need to apply policies of opening and attract power from various cycles to push the development of xiqiao Mountain. On June 25, the county committee issued Summary of Meeting about the Development of Xiqiao Scenic Area to CPC Nanhai County Committee, Standing Commit- tee of Nanhai County People's Congress, county government of Nanhai, leaders of Nanhai County Committee of CPPCC and relevant heads of departments.

1985 03.03

Minle Bridge was completed and opened to traffic.

1985 03.20

CPC Nanhai County Committee and the county government of Nanhai decided to establish Xiqiao Mountain Tourism Area Construction Committee.

1987 February

Museum of Guangdong Province and Nanhai County, along with Anthropology Department of Zhongshan University carried out cave archeology of Dishui Rock of Xiqiao Mountain, where they unearthed more than 1,000 felsite rock equipments and discovered signs of quarrying on the walls of cave. They also unearthed a large amount of stone vessels after the comparative excavation of NiuGuoKeng and Ranshe Hillock at the south-east side of the hill.

1987 08.30

Three inauguration ceremonies were held at the same time for Xiqiao Hotel, Xiqiao Bridge and Nanhai Secondary School respectively.

1988 08.07

Xiqiao Mountain was approved by State Council as National Key Scenic Area.

1990 08.28

Xiqiao Textile Market Management Office was founded.

1991 08.27

Yun Quan Xian Guan of Xiqiao Mountain was returned to the Department of Religious Affairs of Nanhai County.

1991 November

Xinhong High-grade Wall Brick and Floor Tile Factory started construction. It is the first wall brick and floor tile factory of Xiqiao.

1992 05.30

Xiqiao Culture Center was put to operation.

1992 06.02

Nanhai County People's Government decided to establish Xiqiao Mountain Forest Park Tourism Development Corporation to be responsible for the development of Xiqiao Mountain which would mainly focus on tourist attractions and real estate industry.

1992 06.19

Xiqiao General Market was completed and put into operation.

1994 02.12~14

The governor of Guangdong Province Zhu Senlin inspected Xiqiao Mountain.

1994 04.29

West Bank Development Area was founded.

1994 05.07

The inscribed board of "Provincial Tourism Vacation Area of Xiqiao Mountain" was granted by Guangdong Provincial People's Government.

1996 01.28

The stone status of Chisong Wong Tai Sin, the major project of Xiqiao Mountain Wong Tai Sin Holy Garden, was completed and consecration ceremony was held.

1997 09.07

Xiqiao Textile City was put into operation.

1998 06.29

The levee of Danzhaohe Village Floodgate of Qiaosang Levee collapsed. The stricken area of Nanhai City was 88.67 km2. Xiqiao area had a stricken area of 28 km2 and disaster-stricken population of 70,000. Chongbei, Chongnan, Da'an, Huaxia and Lianxin administrative districts were completely flooded while Guanshan office, Jin'ou, Minle, Baidong and Xiqiao administrative district were partly flooded, with flowed cultivated land of 31,310 mu, flowed fishpond of 10,622 mu, over 15,000 flowed buildings and shops and more than 2,000 flowed factories. Among the affected factories, there were 11 ceramics factories, 54 producing lines, 1,200 silk factories and 4,030 rapier looms. The direct economic loss was 1.666 billion yuan.

1998 08.15

Huang Fei-hong Lion Dance and Martial Arts Academy had unveiling ceremony.

1999 10.01

The South Technology Innovation Center of Guangdong was founded.

2001 01.11

Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area was listed by National Tourism Administration in the second batch of Excellent Tourism City of China and first batch of National AAAA-level Scenic Area.

2002 04.15

Chen Qiyuan Memorial Hall was officially open to tourists. It is located at Chengong Ancestral Hall of Qiting in Jiancun, costing 8 years and more than 1 million yuan to build.

2002 07.10

Xiqiao Nanhai Silk Factory held the ceremony of hanging out the board of Guangdong Provincial Appointed Tourism Unit. Nanhai Silk Factory was listed as one of the scenic spots of "Day Tour of Nanhai".

2002 10.01~02

The first Folk Art Performance Competition of Guangdong Province was held in Xiqiao Mountain.

2002 10.20

Charity Walk activity was held in Xiqiao area.


Xiqiao was given the title of National Famous Town of Fabric by China Textile Industry Association.