Xiqiao Town is located at the south-west of Foshan City which is the center of Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province. It is a National AAAAA-Level Scenic Area, National Forest Park, National Famous Town of Fabric and National Famous Town of Dragon-Lion Dance. It has an area of 176 km2, including 5 communities, 27 administrative villages and a resident population of over 220,000. The major industries of the town are textile, ceramics and tourism.

The textile of Xiqiao enjoys the reputation of "best broad yarn and renowned silk in the world". In the 1980s, it already had formed the production and marketing system featuring "thousand factories, thousand shops, million machineries and billion meters of cloth". During these years, Xiqiao has been comprehensively pushing forward the upgrade of textiles and cluster development. Almost 100 specifications of fabric from more than 30 enterprises in Xiqiao have obtained the title of "popular fabric in China". At the moment, there are over 1,000 textile enterprises and 30,000 textile machineries of different types in Xiqiao Town, producing at a capacity of 1 billion meters of various fabrics every year. It also established Modern Delivery Base, Creative Research & Development Base, Garment Producing and Wholesale Base and Finishing Base. Guangdong Xiqiao Textile City occupies an area of 1,000 mu with more than 2,000 top-end shops, which is one of the four professional textile markets in China and a large intermediate-and-advanced-level wholesale market of Guangdong Province.

Xiqiao is a tourist resort, which has Xiqiao Mountain and Tea Mountain Scenic Area of West Bank. There is a saying that "the Famous Mountains of south Guangdong refers to Xiqiao and Dongqiao", telling the fame of Xiqiao Mountain. The culture of Xiqiao Mountain area greatly contributes to the development of civilization in China, so it is regarded by archaeologists as the "Lighthouse of Pearl River civilization ". The tourism of Xiqiao has strong local characteristics, integrating landscape, humanity and south lion dance culture with Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. For a long time, Xiqiao Mountain has enjoyed the reputation for its natural landscape endowed with the spirits of the universe and human landscape that is broad and profound. It is a National Key Scenic Area, National AAAAA-level Tourism Area, Nation Forest Park and National Geopark of China. Now Xiqiao is aiming at becoming a national AAAAA-level scenic area that has graceful taste, top-end facilities, ecological products and brand flagship. Therefore, it puts forward the construction framework of "one mountain, one area and three nodes", which means having Xiqiao Mountain scenic area as core support; adjacent scenic areas like Guanshan urban area and Qiaoyuan Tourist Reception Area as coordination area; and Mulberry Fish Pond at the south of the mountain, Ecological Agriculture of Pingsha Island and the vacation resort at the west bank as key supporting nodes.